Moments Of Love

Moments of Love is a 2006 Filipino romance film directed by Mark Reyes, and released in March as a summer offering by GMA Films. It is a classic romantic tale between two people from different timelines. The film stars Dingdong Dantes, Iza Calzado and Karylle.

The movie also stars Paolo Contis, Dion Ignacio, Isabel Oli, Sandy Andolong, Ces Quesada, Ian veneracion, Jojo Alejar, Valerie Concepcion and Gloria Romero.

The film is a big success in the box office, despite its small production budget it earned a whooping 200 million peso in the box-office, a rare feat for a Filipino film that is not an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival.

Marco (Dingdong Dantes) is a photographer covering a harvest festival in Lake Tabon. While on a photo shoot, a mysterious old woman is hit by a van while trying to save his life. He visits the woman and is drawn to her granddaughter Lianne (Karylle). Marco and Lianne start developing a relationship. But the recent events cause Marco to be withdrawn. He is haunted by a deep feeling of loneliness.

His yearning leads him to a telephone conversation with Divina (Iza Calzado), the daughter of a haciendero. They find solace from their sadness in each other, filling the emptiness they have always known all their lives. Unbeknown to them, they are living in the same provincial house but are separated by time; Divina lives in the past (1957) and Marco in the present (2006). They set a time to meet at Lake Tabon but of course, they do not meet.

After two failed attempts, Marco discovers the truth: that Divina lives in the past. Marco is able to convince Divina of this truth and they accept their fate. However, Divina faces a great challenge as she is her engagement is arranged by her parents to another man in order to save their family fortune. Marco enourages Divina to run away and flee to Manila. He also makes her promise to meet him on March 29, 2006. Divina agrees and tells him that she will wait for 49 years to fulfill her promise.

In the end, will two people’s love transcend the barriers of time?

Main cast
Iza Calzado as Divina
Dingdong Dantes as Marco
Karylle as Lianne

Supporting Cast
Chinggoy Alonso as Senyor Andres MIguel Buenacer
Ian Veneracion as Jun
Paolo Contis as Juancho
Isabel Oli as Ava
Dion Ignacio as Dino
Sandy Andolong as Lily

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